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Enjoy at a glance, or dive into a world of wonder.

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Get to know Monte Baunk

Where can I see more art?

You can view my full gallery of released artworks off-site here.

Who is Monte Baunk?

Years of experimenting with different mediums and ideas led to how I create today.

Maps of what goes on in my mind combine with history, mythology, and emotions to tell intricate tales. Tales of gratitude, unspoken truths and alternate perspectives.

My art provides you with a choice: to either enjoy at a glance or dive into a world of wonder!

Read about how it all started.

Where are you based?

South Africa

Where can I buy prints?

Authentic Monte Baunk art prints are only sold through galleries and as Limited Editions print runs. Add your email above to get notified of the next Limited Edition print.

Alternatively you are welcome to get in touch with me here for more info, or if you have questions.

Do you have Only Fans?

Not yet. Enter your email above to get notified when I do. 🤍

Album art?

Absolutely. If I vibe with your music and concept I'm down for creating album art.